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realizing visions

& Branding


Increasing Digital Brand Awarness.Placing Your Brand in a Desired Spotlight.

Brand Design

Corporate Identity & Design

Mehr Aufmerksamkeit durch ein Erscheinungsbild mit dem sich deine Kunden identifizieren können.

  • Entwicklung Markenstrategie
  • Einheitliches Firmendesign
  • Aussagekräftiges Markenbild
  • Logo-Design, Bildwelten & Farbschema

Online Presence

Websites & Onlineshops

Marketing Strategy

Advertising Media & Business Promotion

Sascha Sprugis Webdesign Braunschweig
Marketing Agentur Braunschweig für Websites
We Design Marketing
Hochwertiges Design von Websites, Onlineshops und Werbemitteln für Marketingkampagnen & Strategien
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Konzeption Website
Strategisch & Kreativ
Exklusive Konzeption & Entwicklung von aussagekräftigen Marken und seriösen Firmenauftritten
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Benefits and Results

Professional Brand Appearance. Increase your customer’s perception on your brand.

Increased Visibility

Significant company appearance and superior advertising materials that measurably increase the interaction with your target market and their willingness to buy.

Lasting Impression

Through a professional brand or company appearance, you transform the perception of your customers and also achieve more seriousness, credibility & trust.

Impregnable Position

A high-quality external appearance presents the image of a serious company with premium status and conveys a certain prestige even to the competition.


Create trust and at first sight subconsciously convince your customers with visible quality on all media & touch points.

Quality Consumer

Addressing the right people means meeting your needs at all levels. High quality convinces even the most stringent customer requirements.

More Traffic & Sales

"The better the look, the better the sales" Effective marketing reduces friction points and directly achieves more customer inquiries.

Our strengths

Increase Confidence in Your Brand.

Bring to Life True Potential.

Appearance on the Internet

Your website is the fulcrum of your customers nowadays. Let your website or online store work successfully for your business in conjunction with effective marketing strategies.

Print Advertising Media

Convince your clientele offline at all contact points. High-quality business equipment, informative brochures or advertising banners place your company in the focus of potential customers.

Branding & Design

As a company with an image of uniformity, you will not only increase your perception of the market, but also improve your status to potential consumers.

*Applications are usually answered within 24 hours.


Design & Strategy Team behind Deepsoul.

Who we are

Behind our customers’ brands are a team of strategists, creative minds and visionaries. We are designers! Everyone in the team brings to light their own genius and in this way live out their skills optimally. Everyone provides the right input to market your project.

Our Mission

Our goal is to present companies with the best versions of themselves so they are able to convince customers of their products or services. We have taken an oath to maximize your potential recognition, thus taking your project to its next level. Making real brands out of ordinary companies – that’s our mission!

Sascha Sprugis | Deepsoul Marketing & Media

Sascha Sprugis

Geschäftsführung / Design & Branding
Alexander Krivulko Webdesign

Alexander Krivulko

Webdesign & Entwicklung
Achim Löffler Social Media & Backoffice

Achim Löffler

Backoffice Manager
Evelyn, Projektmanagent & Analytics

Evelyn Kiva

Project Management
Roman-Medien Design & Projektscout

Roman Schöpfer

Project Scout / Social Media Marketing

what we do

Focus on High-Quality Marketing.

We Give Your Brand a Face.

*Applications are usually answered within 24 hours.

let´s work together

Building Your Brand and Digital Presentation.

Together from Vision to Reality.

Effective marketing starts as a thought or an intention and ends with the customer. We see ourselves as a bridge between your ideas and the realization of your goals. Together, we increase the perception of your project through a modern online presence and meaningful visual appearance. Let us bring your brand to life and reach your target group even more specifically with us.

More customers through a high-quality appearance.

Our figures show a significant increase in the marketing performance of our customers. What looks better is easier to sell, arouses more interest and increases the confidence of your target group. Customers identify not only with the product, but with the brand. The more clearly a corporate personality develops, the sooner the customer can identify with the company and its products.

Finding ideas to create your brand.

Through strategic creativity, we develop a brand that is established in the minds of your customers in the long term. This is about more than simply designing a logo. The goal is to have a touch-to-touch company that your audience can better interact with. Create positive feelings and customer relationships – Make your business tangible.

*Applications are usually answered within 24 hours.

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let´s work together

What is Your Vison?

*Applications are usually answered within 24 hours.

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